Adult Services

From clinic services, community-based care, and peer support to housing and employment services, our range of programs aim to support an individual’s unique goals and promote independence and recovery.

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Substance Use Recovery, Treatment, and Support Services

Our new clinic in downtown White Plains is dedicated to providing support for understanding, addressing, and coping with substance-related issues. Whether you’re seeking assistance for your own substance use or supporting a loved one dealing with such challenges, we’re here to help.


At Greater Mental Health of New York, we believe that you don’t get better in order to work; you work in order to get better. We offer a variety of employment services to help individuals with behavioral health conditions gain independence through work, helping you to prepare and develop skills for, choose, and maintain meaningful employment.

Residential Services

Our residential programs are centered around the belief that individuals with behavioral health conditions can recover and make choices regarding their living, working, and social environments, allowing them to live the most independent lives possible. We’re here to support you in finding a safe and comfortable place to call home while providing the supports and services for your recovery journey.

Detailed List of Programs

Postvention Support

Losing someone to suicide is unlike any other loss, and for many people seeking group support, a dedicated program is more comfortable than general bereavement services. Both our Survivors of Suicide (SOS) support group and Postvention Support Services build off of this idea and are specifically meant for individuals who are experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one due to suicide.

Deafness Advocacy

Greater Mental Health’s Deafness Advocacy services include case management for adults who are Deaf, education and advocacy services, as well as a social club for people who are Deaf. Our Deafness Advocacy program also hosts the Rockland County Deafness Task Force, a grassroots group of community members and providers who come together to advocate for access and support for Deaf individuals and their families.

Detailed List of Programs

Life-changing Peer Services

I really trust my INSET Peer, and I know I can always count on her – even when others have let me down.

In an inpatient psychiatric hospital, Henry* met a Greater Mental Health Peer Specialist while preparing to transition back to the shelter system. Facing challenges due to a lengthy history of incarceration and a "high-risk" label, he hesitated to engage formally with our Intensive and Sustained Engagement Team (INSET). However, he asked the Peer Specialist to attend court hearings with him. After two months of consistent support, Henry officially joined the program. A year later, he continues to meet his Peer Specialist weekly, focused on avoiding incarceration and creating a positive future. They attend court together and work on expunging Henry's records for improved housing access.


Removing Barriers to Care

In 2022, more than 1,350 individuals sought care management services through Health Homes Serving Adults (HHSA) to become - and remain - healthy while avoiding hospitalization.

Our HHSA care managers address the comprehensive needs of each individual by facilitating care coordination, collaborating with providers and insurance agencies, providing referrals and linkages to community supports, and helping to remove barriers to fulfilling care and treatment plans.