Single Homeless Assessment Center (SHAC)


Through our Single Homeless Assessment Center (SHAC) services, Greater Mental Health of New York’s licensed mental health professionals conduct comprehensive mental health and substance use disorder assessments for individuals temporarily housed through the Department of Social Services. Our goal is to help individuals access additional services that they will need to improve their independence, obtain employment, go to school, develop a healthy social support network, improve their interpersonal relations, and decrease the need for hospitalizations.

The SHAC Team

The SHAC team consists of:

  • Licensed mental health clinicians and a Certified Alcohol Substance Use Counselor (CASAC) from Greater Mental Health of New York
  • Medical staff consists of a doctor and nurse employed by Greenburgh Health Center
  • Case management staff employed through WestCOP
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How to access care

For more information about SHAC and how to access care, please contact us.

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