Partners in Parenting


Our home-based Partners in Parenting (PIP) treatment program helps parents who have behavioral health conditions create brighter futures for themselves and their children. 

PIP Services

Our recovery-oriented services focus on: 

  • Improvement of decision-making and parenting skills
  • Maintaining custody of children 
  • Reducing the risk of hospitalization 
  • Developing stronger social networks
  • Working toward employment or educational goals
  • Managing a consistent and nurturing environment in which families can flourish
  • Providing mental health treatment for at-risk youth
Program Participant Testimony

"If it was not for PIP, I would not have been able to develop any level of trust, especially in letting people into my home. Through my work with PIP, I have been able to work on my self-love. I still need to work more on it, but I never knew how important it was for me to be able to put myself first and not feel guilty about it. I feel I am a better mom because the things I once used to yell at, I am now able to laugh it off with my children. Even my older children have noticed the difference in me and have lovingly joked that they wish I had been involved with the program when they were younger. I know my work is not done, which is why I am looking forward to continuing with therapy in the clinic."

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How to access care

To access PIP, individuals must be enrolled in Preventive Services, Child Protective Services, or Foster Care services through the Westchester Department of Social Services (DSS). Our referral process is conducted through a direct DSS service provider. For more information about PIP and how to access care, please contact us.

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