Intensive and Sustained Engagement Team (INSET)


INSET is a voluntary, peer-led, mobile engagement approach to support individuals that have historically not engaged with the mental health system for various reasons and/or who are at risk of being placed into involuntary treatment approaches. Multidisciplinary INSET Teams focus on providing support to enrolled individuals and their peers in the community of their choosing and in the least restrictive manner. Of significant value and a key objective of INSET is the kindling of hope and connection for vulnerable people, the inspiration that recovery is indeed possible, and that they are not alone.

INSET Services

INSET may help bridge the gap for people who are currently in hospitals, jails, or who have recently been discharged or released by providing more intensive support and facilitating connections to the community, treatment, natural, and other supports. INSET is distinct because of their holistic approach and does not place rigid timeframes on success outcomes.

Is this service right for me?

INSET is designed to support individuals in the Hudson Valley identified as high risk or with complex mental health needs, including those receiving or eligible for court-ordered Assisted Outpatient Treatment services, or those who are identified as “high-risk/complex needs” individuals of at least 18 years of age who cycle in and out of the emergency department, inpatient, and/or forensic settings.

Working with a peer specialist in the INSET program my voice is not only heard, but valued. This gives me space to learn about myself. I’m learning what works and what doesn’t. My peer and I are currently working on creating my wellness recovery action plan.

I really trust my INSET Peer Specialist, and I know I can always count on her - even when others have let me down.

You have accepted me for who I am and met me where I was without judging me.

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How to access care

If you think INSET services may be right for your needs and recovery goals, you can submit a self-referral. Referrals are also accepted from friends, family and local health and human service organizations. To submit a self-referral or to learn more about Greater Mental Health of New York’s INSET services, please contact us.

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