About Greater Mental Health of New York

Greater Mental Health of New York is the new name of the merged entity of The Mental Health Association of Westchester and The Mental Health Association of Rockland, two agencies who have a long history of collaboration and a shared mission and ethos for promoting mental health throughout the Hudson Valley region.

Today. Tomorrow. Together.

For nearly 80 years, we have promoted the mental and emotional well-being of individuals throughout Westchester and Rockland counties and beyond. Our wide array of mental health and substance use treatment services support people of all ages as they navigate their unique journeys, with the goal of providing the care that is right for each individual and their goals. Through our robust direct care services, as well as our advocacy efforts and community education opportunities, Greater Mental Health is able to meet the needs of thousands of individuals and families each year, helping them live independent lives in the community.

Our care is...

Person-centered: We use evidence-based practices that aim to incorporate each individual’s needs, goals, and decisions into treatment plans to increase success. We encourage an individual’s independence and self-sufficiency through connection with community-based supports.

Trauma-informed and responsive: Our practice recognizes the widespread impact of trauma in our society and its effects on individuals’ physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness journeys. With this in mind, we work to promote growth, resiliency, and recovery while not causing further harm.

Recovery-oriented: Recovery is possible, and it looks different for everyone. Assisting individuals in defining their personal recovery goals and supporting their progress towards them is the basis of our work.


Our Vision

A world where every person has equitable access to comprehensive mental health support and resources, enabling them to foster their personal resilience and live with dignity within their community.

Our Mission

The mission of Greater Mental Health of New York is to promote mental health through advocacy, community education and direct services.

Our Values

  • Hope: Fostering the belief that individuals can find success, happiness and satisfaction in their lives.
  • Commitment: Dedicating ourselves to providing quality services and demonstrating responsibility, accountability, ethical behavior and integrity in everything we do.
  • Compassion: Providing quality care and support through the recovery process.
  • Respect: Embracing and affirming the unique qualities, opinions and cultural differences of individuals.
  • Self-determination: Encouraging independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Collaboration: Recognizing and promoting partnerships to increase the resources and opportunities available to our community

As a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, Greater Mental Health works to expand accessibility to care and provide services that address the complex needs of individuals. Our highly trained and compassionate care teams are able to respond to the needs of individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including but not limited to veterans and their families, individuals experiencing substance use challenges and their families, and individuals who are uninsured or under‑insured.

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We reach more than 15,000 individuals yearly through our mission focused on promoting mental health through advocacy efforts, community education, and services.

The care and commitment of community members brought our work to life in 1946, and it’s the continued generosity of our neighbors that provides us with a strong foundation today.

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