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At Greater Mental Health of New York, we know that peer support from someone with lived experience of mental health challenges can be an invaluable tool for recovery. If you are someone who is looking for mental health support from peer specialists, our Westchester Recovery Networks may be a good fit for you. Offered within the community, our Recovery Network peer specialists walk alongside you on your recovery journey, providing understanding, support, and practical assistance every step of the way.

Our Recovery Networks include: 

Westchester Recovery Network (WRN)

Aimed to assist individuals who have faced behavioral health challenges, WRN focuses on helping you become more independent and integrated into the community. Our team of peer professionals helps you discover and rediscover your passions, connect with others, and build skills for a more self-reliant and economically self-sufficient life. 


Westchester Recovery Network-Intensive (WRN-I)

If you’re in the hospital or had a recent stay due to behavioral health concerns, WRN-I is here to help you move forward. WRN-I views relapses and hospital readmissions as bumps in the road, and our peer specialists work with you to recognize your inner strength and resilience to move forward on your recovery path through self-help support. Our peer specialists offer support through community integration and life skills training, supportive counseling, symptom management and support for individuals and their family members, group counseling, work readiness counseling, life coaching, and information and referrals to additional services and community supports.


Westchester Recovery Network-Enhanced (WRN-E)

WRN-E offers extra support during times of vulnerability, such as after hospital stays, release from incarceration, or when facing homelessness or increased distress. Available to individuals approved by the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health (DCMH), our peer professionals provide 24/7 phone support on our warmline, weekend/evening visits, and structured and flexible individual and group peer support to help you build the life you want.

I like the WRN-E warmline a lot, it has been very helpful for me. I have a lot of thoughts in my head that are uncomfortable, and I am able to use the warmline to talk about my thoughts and get my emotions out. I used to call emergency lines a lot, but I know now that this is not an emergency. The warmline is a better place to call for support.

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How to access care

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