Planned Respite


Our Planned Respite program is a voluntary, short-term intervention designed to provide an alternative to hospitalization for people experiencing a challenging time. Planned Respite staff work to match individuals with temporary accommodations that provide an open-door setting where people can continue their daily activities. Our trained staff support individuals in successfully working through challenges and linking them to supports and services so when they return to their homes, they have the support they want and need.


Planned Respite referrals must be approved by the Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health. Please contact Desh Edwards at 914-995-6753 or at

Once eligibility has been confirmed and approved by DCMH, a Program Director from Greater Mental Health will contact you to discuss your respite care needs and coordinate accommodations. Click here for our Planned Respite Referral Application

I am grateful for my planned respite counselor. I feel comfortable and welcomed, and I will continue to implement the intervention skills acquired during my stay. I am determined to lead a new life and being a better person for myself and my wife.

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