Housing Outreach Mobile Engagement (HOME)


Through our Housing Outreach Mobile Engagement (HOME) program, we offer team and community-based approaches that engage and support individuals in Rockland identified by the Department of Social Services (DSS) as lacking stable housing and having other challenges. 

HOME Services

Your HOME Team can assist you with: 

  • Securing basic needs like food and clothing
  • Pursuing options for entitlements
  • Connecting to social supports
  • Accessing natural supports and local resources
  • Addressing future housing needs
  • Identifying health needs and scheduling medical appointments
  • Engaging in longer-term care management
  • Overcoming barriers to lead a more enjoyable life
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How to access care

Referrals for Greater Mental Health’s HOME Services may only come from the Rockland County Department of Social Services. For more information about HOME, please contact us.

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