Outreach & Engagement

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Greater Mental Health of New York’s Outreach and Engagement Services utilizes Concierges to engage and connect individuals in need of mental health services to community resources and social services, as well as provide additional information regarding mental health services within Greater Mental Health and other organizations in Westchester County. Outreach and Engagement Concierges proactively contact people in order to connect them to or re-engage them successfully with services. Staff may also make referrals for participants of Greater Mental Health programs who could benefit from Outreach and Engagement services. Services are available in English and Spanish for adults, children, and families.

Outreach and Engagement Concierges help to identify and break down barriers to services, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Information about mental health supports and services
  • Referral assistance to needed or desired supports/services
  • Short-term care management
  • Education about Greater Mental Health of New York
  • Assessments
  • Help with insurance benefits and coverage
  • Application processes and filing

  • Transportation
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