Greater Mental Health’s OnTrackNY program is a new and innovative early intervention service for young adults who have recently started to experience symptoms of psychosis. OnTrackNY helps individuals get back “on track” with their lives through clinical and support services, substance abuse treatment, social skills training, family support, and education. Our diverse team includes professionals in health, mental health, peer support, and school and work.

OnTrackNY Services

Some services that an OnTrackNY participant may receive support with include: 

  • Getting and keeping a job and/or getting back to school 
  • Sorting out your concerns
  • Discovering new skills
  • Considering medications and other strategies for managing your mental health

Is this service right for me?

OnTrackNY may be right for you if you are between the age of 16 and 30 and have recently begun experiencing changes in thinking or perceptions for more than a week, but less than 2 years. 

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How to access care

To learn more about OnTrackNY and how to access care, please contact us.

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