Mobile Mental Health


Our Mobile Mental Health (MMH) services extend mental health treatment and care management directly to the homes or community locations of high-risk children aged five to 18. Tailored for those with behavioral health conditions facing challenges in traditional clinic settings, our goal is to address emotional and behavioral concerns from a family perspective and aid in preventing out-of-home placement or psychiatric hospitalization. Our MMH team values collaboration and aims to give your family choice and decision-making power to foster better strategies and outcomes. 

Is this service right for a child in my life?

MMH may be a good fit for a child if they are between the ages of five and 18, residents of Westchester County, and have had difficulty benefitting from traditional behavioral health treatments in a clinic setting. MMH services are covered by Medicaid or Child Health Plus, with limited availability for families with private or no insurance. 

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How to access care

Referrals for MMH services are made through the Westchester County Children’s Single Point of Access (SPOA) process. For more information about MMH and the referral process, please contact us.

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