Children and Family Treatment and Support Services


Our Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) offer a range of services tailored to meet the comprehensive needs of children and youth facing behavioral health challenges. We understand that each young person and their family has a unique journey, and our multidisciplinary team of providers is here to collaborate with you to address specific goals and needs. 

CFTSS Services

CFTSS offers a wide variety of services:

  • Our Other Licensed Practitioner provides an assessment during which the youth’s strengths and areas of need are explored, a diagnosis provided, and a treatment plan developed. If the youth meets medical necessity for an OLP, they are provided ongoing psychotherapy, crisis intervention and treatment planning. To meet medical necessity, the youth must have, or be at risk of developing a behavioral health diagnosis which is impacting their functioning. The OLP can also recommend the youth to other Children and Family Treatment and Support Services.
  • Our Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment provides therapeutic and functional support, including counseling, crisis avoidance planning, psychoeducation, and strengths-based planning, to help improve communication and interactions with family, friends, and others. This service is especially helpful when provided in addition to individual therapy, as CPST provides extra support and helps the youth and their family focus on and work toward their therapeutic goals.
  • Our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services are designed to restore, rehabilitate, and support the youth’s development. These services help to address functional limitations and interpersonal and/or behavioral health barriers, with a focus on strengthening social and interpersonal skills, daily living skills and community integration. Activities are “hands on” and task oriented, intended to help the youth achieve their identified goals or objectives.
  • Family Peer Support Services are provided by a credentialed Family Peer Advocate (FPA), an individual with their own lived experience of caring for a child with social, emotional, medical, developmental, substance use, and/or behavioral challenges. The FPA works with families and caregivers to help address the needs of their child, including serving as a bridge between the family and service providers, empowering the family to advocate for their needs, enhancing parenting skills, and encouraging connections with natural supports.
  • Youth Peer Support and Training is provided by a young adult with their own lived experience and is a credentialed Youth Peer Advocate, provide the support and training necessary to ensure engagement and participation of the youth in their treatment planning process, and with the ongoing implementation and reinforcement of skills. Together, they work on: skill building; coaching; engagement, bridging & transition support; self-advocacy, self-efficacy, & empowerment; creating community connections and natural supports.

Is this service right for a child in my life?

CFTSS may be a good fit for a child if they are under 21 years old, residents of Westchester County, enrolled in Medicaid or Child Health Plus insurance, and need support with challenges related to social, emotional, or behavioral health or substance use. Click here for the CFTSS referral form.

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How to access care

To access CFTSS, a referral or a recommendation is needed. Referrals can be made by the youth themselves or anyone who knows the child, and recommendations can come from licensed practitioners, pediatricians, or qualified CFTSS providers. For more information or to start the referral process, please contact us

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