Children’s Behavioral Health Staff Awards and Panel

On November 28th and 29th, members of our Youth Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team took part in the New York State Coalition for Children’s Behavioral Health and New York State Office of Mental Health’s Best Practices and Workforce Development Training.

During a panel discussion on best team practices at the training, Youth ACT Team Leader Marianne LaCalamito, LCSW, and Youth ACT Licensed Mental Health Professionals Caitie Barry, MHC-LP, and Hannah Enquist, LMSW, shared insights on effective communication strategies within a team approach. They emphasized the significance of technology, structured schedules, and on-call routines, all of which have helped bolster our Youth ACT team’s connectivity to and support for youth.

In addition to paneling as part of our Youth ACT committee, Hannah Enquist was also named an Employee of the Year at the 2023 NYS Coalition for Children’s Behavioral Health and the NYS Office of Mental Health Employee Awards. Since joining the team last November, Hannah’s dedication to and connection with the youth she serves has helped to establish strong rapport and has promoted success with so many children. Utilizing a person-centered approach to care, Hannah ensures that treatment plans are developed alongside the youth to prioritize their voices in their care. Hannah is an invaluable member of our Youth ACT team, and we celebrate and recognize her impactful contributions to the agency and the community. Congratulations, Hannah!

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