DSS Hybrid Clinic


The DSS Hybrid Clinic, in collaboration with the Westchester County Department of Social Services, caters to the mental health needs of children and families within the child welfare system in order to reduce psychiatric hospitalizations and foster care placements while expediting the family reunification process. Our behavioral health professionals work alongside children and families to facilitate connections with community-based providers, support family relationships, and enhance parenting skills.

DSS Hybrid Clinic Services

Our team provides a range of crucial services including individual therapy, family therapy, and parenting skills coaching so caregivers can better support their children’s mental health needs. These services are delivered to the White Plains catchment area through a hybrid model, allowing flexibility for sessions to take place in the home, community, DSS office, or via telehealth when appropriate.


Our services are accessible to individuals and families involved in Preventive Services (PS), Child Protective Services (CPS), and Foster Care (FC). Referrals are exclusively accepted from the Westchester County DSS Child Welfare Programming Office.

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