Family & Friends

At Greater Mental Health of New York, we recognize the impact mental health and substance use challenges can have on family members and loved ones. We offer a range of support services for those affected by a family member or friend’s behavioral health conditions, including support groups, respite, peer support, and educational resources and opportunities.

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Suicide Postvention and Support

Losing someone to suicide is unlike any other loss, and for many people seeking group support, a dedicated program is more comfortable than general bereavement services. Both our Survivors of Suicide (SOS) support group and Postvention Support Services build off of this idea and are specifically meant for individuals who are experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one due to suicide.

Deafness Advocacy

Greater Mental Health’s Deafness Advocacy services include case management for adults who are Deaf, education and advocacy services, as well as a social club for people who are Deaf. Our Deafness Advocacy program also hosts the Rockland County Deafness Task Force, a grassroots group of community members and providers who come together to advocate for access and support for Deaf individuals and their families.

Deafness Advocacy
Our Parent Support Groups, specifically designed for parents of children with emotional challenges, offer understanding, assistance, and empowerment for navigating systems and developing strengths-based support plans with people involved in your child’s life.